Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Most area rugs including oriental style rugs can be conveniently, economically and safely cleaned in place at your home. All of our rug cleaning services are done on location.

Our unique Clean & Rinse, Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction process begins with the applications of a safe cleaning solution onto your rug to loosen the soil. Then our technician will skillfully spray a specially formulated hot rinsing solution on the rug. The solution is immediately vacuumed out of the rug fibers by our powerful truck-mounted cleaning unit before it reaches the backing of your rug. The rug will be well rinsed with excess moisture removed. Spots and stains will be properly treated. Your rug will be left properly pH balanced and essentially residue free. Concerns of re-soiling and spots resurfacing are virtually eliminated. Our advanced techniques are the most effective at removing dust mites and allergens. No other on location system will get your rugs cleaner or more sanitary. Our system is safe for cleaning many types of rugs including wool and stain resistant fibers such as STAINMASTER®.

Our on location cleaning system may not be appropriate for very thin rugs, rugs with fabric borders or some plant fibers such as sisal, jute and seagrass. These rugs should be sent out to someone who does in-plant cleaning. For such services we recommend Simonian Oriental Rug Cleaners. They pick up and deliver in Marin. Their telephone number is (650) 343-0929 or you can get more information at

Area Rug Protection

Once your rugs have been cleaned, the application of a fiber protector will extend the life of your rugs. It does so by reducing re-soiling and the chances of permanent staining. A fiber protector coats each fiber, protecting against all types of liquid spills and dry soil. Liquids tend to bead up on the surface for easier removal and soil particles tend not to cling to fibers, making dry vacuuming more effective.

Even if your area rugs are made with stain resistant fibers such as STAINMASTER™ they need to have their protection rejuvenated. Some warranties require that your rugs be cleaned and re-protected within every 18 months. We recommend protection for all natural and synthetic fibers.