Porcelain Tile Protection


Ceramic and porcelain tile comes glazed or unglazed and in a variety of colors. Some are designed to resemble natural stone. Tiles are fired in a kiln under high heat to make them hard and often impervious to liquid stains.

However, grouted joints between tiles are usually very porous and should be treated with a protective sealer to aid in daily maintenance. Protective sealers should be applied shortly after installation and reapplied every time your tile and grout is professionally cleaned by Burrous Brothers.

Maintenance Cleaning

To clean your tile, use a neutral pH cleaner. Specially formulated cleaners for ceramic and porcelain tile, like StoneTech Professional™ All Purpose Stone & Tile Cleaner, gently and effectively clean away everyday soils. StoneTech Professional™ Revitalizer™ adds sealer as you clean. Using strong, high pH cleaners can remove protective sealers.

Professional Care

To properly maintain your tile and grout, you should have Burrous Brothers Company clean and seal your hard services about every two to three years.